The Loft Value

    What Makes Us Different?

    Real Negotiators

    With years of combined experience in both the real estate market and sales Loft Real Estate Team is not afraid to dig in and negotiate the best deal for you. Our buyers and seller agents both receive weekly value training to ensure they are always learning new techniques. Taking experience from real estate, retail, car, and tech sales jobs we know how to get a deal closed. Always looking for a win-win so both sides walk away happy. Not your typical strong arm sales men we use new approaches that give us the edge over the competition. Anyone can get a real estate license but not everyone can work a deal.

    Professional HDR photography

    Included in every listing. Not only do we use the right equipment to start with, we also post-process every photo. This gives your listing the “hey look at me” effect when people are browsing through listing after listing online. HDR photography allows your listing to jump of the page and catch buyer eyes. Also available at a extra charge is both virtual staging and item removal. We are able to virtually stage a home that is empty and de-cluttered one that is not. This is yet another advantage the Loft Real Estate Team can provide.

    360 Virtual Reality Tours

    On all listing above 200k Loft Real Estate will take full 360 shots of your property this allows us to not only create a 3D textured floor plan but it also allows a buyer with a click of a button to tour your property. Buyers may utilize PC, Cell Phone, or VR headsets to walk through and discover your property with out leaving the comfort of their home. A powerful advertising tool and a talking point to share among your friends. Buyers can even group chat so family all over the world can view your property at any time.

    Virtual Online Tours

    Different from virtual reality Loft Real Estate team uses both slideshows and music to highlight your property allowing easy assess to the property information for the buyer. This is includes weekly traffic reports to see how many people are viewing your property. Results you can see and track!

    24/7 Dedicated Staff  to Schedule Showings

    Never worry about loosing a showing because we aren’t answering our phones. Our system will schedule showings 24/7 allowing buyers agents to work on their time not ours. Easier access to showings mean more showings. Time doesn’t work for you? No problem, our system text or calls with a verification if that time doesn’t work simply reschedule it to a time that does. Are you a landlord, have a renter? That is ok too we just add your renters number and they can verify times! The system will also request feedback automatically from the agent that showed. This means you get feedback instantly if the agent t leaves it.


    Proven Marketing Plan

    This includes MLS, Paid Social Media marketing, A National Marketing Presence through eXp Realty, Syndication to over 1100 websites(discuss with your listing agent) Craigslist advertising with daily ad updates to keep it fresh! With a nationwide presence you never know where your buyer will come from!

    Reverse Prospecting

    A catch phrase in the industry. Very few people can effectively reverse prospect and even fewer can do it without the right tech. Our system allows us to email your listing to and one of our thousands of leads. It doesn’t stop there, it allows us to observe buyers search habits and score them based on how likely the are to be interested in your property. No blind advertising, we target each buyer. Within minutes of your listing going live we can have all ready target a stack of buyers.


    And Even More

    Highly reflective luxury yard signs (Made out of the same material as stop signs)

    Free Staging advice

    Free CMA

    Monthly Market updates

    High Visibility Mobile Friendly web presence with fully automated CMA back-end 

    24/7 paperless documentation system allows us to negotiate seamlessly without downtime for travel (you will have lifetime access to all documents you sign) 

    Our Listing specialists focus on sellers, and our buyers specialists work only for our buyers. You get the very best in representation working with a Loft Specialist.

    No cost until property is sold (some restrictions speak with a listing specialist today)



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